New Rules to Be Imposed For Regulating Van Hire Across the UK

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Hiring a van has always been a top choice among people willing to rent a vehicle for their leisure or business purposes. With several new innovations, the UK van rental market has always enjoyed great popularity among travellers with various travelling needs.

However, with numerous hired vans being used in the terror attacks in London, the Met Police Commissioner has recently suggested of regulating vans to prevent them from being used in terror attacks. It is believed that these new rules will be imposed to manage the ability of travelers hiring vehicles on a short notice, thus getting rid of potential terror attackers.

Van rental companies have been asked to be more careful of who they are providing the keys to since rental vans have been used more than twice in the terror attacks which took place last June. Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner said that several reviews need to done on the ways vehicles are hired on rent from companies. She said, “It might require some tweaking of legislation.”

Soon after the terror attacks took place, car rental companies were asked to report the police about customers whom they suspect of using rental vehicles for various criminal activities. While some industry experts have acknowledged that modifying van hire would indeed be very difficult, it is believed that imposing new rules can be the key to a better community.

As per sources, information submitted by customers to rental companies can be cross-checked against the criminal watch lists. These include their names, ID proofs, addresses and financial details. Even van drivers may be asked to provide more details about themselves since officials are of the opinion that more information would help them spot the likely attackers.

Ministers think that vehicle rental companies should share the data of their drivers with the UK government so that it can check against a watch list of terrorists much before a van is released for hire. The Department for Transport is even working with vehicle rental companies and the police for tightening up various regulations. Together they are trying to explore what more measures can be taken for preventing the malicious use of hired vehicles.

Some Important Documents for Van Hire in Thetford & Huntingdon

Though rules are yet to be imposed, rental companies require some types of identification from customers during vehicle pick-up. Though these documents depend on the country of their permanent residence, they must carry the original proof of their documents.

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For UK residents

  • Valid photo ID (passport, driving licence, ID card)
  • Address proof not older than 3 months (bank statement, utility bills)

For Non-UK residents

  • Driving license
  • Passport valid for 3 months at least

While the government has not yet imposed any definite rule for hiring a rental vehicle, it is always best to choose reliable van hire in Thetford & Huntingdon. By submitting a few essential documents, travellers can enjoy great vehicles which offer great flexibility. This way, both the rental companies as well as the travellers can together strive for a better and safe environment.



What to take care of while hiring a car

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A rental van offers a great value for money and the independence of seeing your destination and everything it offers. To help you get the most from your car rental experience, here are some useful tips for you.

When you reach the renting location, the rental van must be available to you in a ready and checked condition. However, it is recommended that before signing the contract and for peace of mind, you need to carry out the below-mentioned checks.

  • Consider the car requirements – The smallest available vehicle might not serve your purpose. So consider the quantity of luggage and the number of people to be carried. Safety and comfort should be taken into consideration. And thus, for example, you might choose an air-conditioned car in a hot and humid country. A good Van Hire Huntingdon service will surely help you with your requirement.
  • Consider proper coverage – In Europe, rental car providers usually offer Third Party Liability or TPL cover and Collision Damage Waiver or CDW. Theft Protection or TP considered being an added coverage. You should make sure you have adequate coverage otherwise you will be accountable for full value of the car, if stolen. Theft protection is a must in Italy.
  • Check for bodywork damage in advance – Before driving off, you should check for the damages on the body of the car. Whether it’s a scratch or a small dent, it must be mentioned on the pre-rental inspection form. Otherwise, the car provider might charge you for the damages that were not done by you. You should also check the fuel gauge before hiring to ensure that the car has the same amount of fuel as it claims on paper.
  • Pre-book in UK – If you are on the way to overseas, make sure you have a pre-booked programme at a guaranteed rate as this will be cheaper and will help you remain within your budget. It also ensures guaranteed car availability.
  • Check what the price includes – You should know beforehand exactly what the rate charged for the hired car includes. Some companies charge a cheaper rate while they impose some hidden costs later.
  • Check the tyres – It is extremely important that you check the tyres and find them to be in good condition only. They should have sufficient tread depth. It is also recommended to check the windscreen washers as well as wipers to ensure that they are in good condition and the washers have water in it.
  • Make yourself easy with the control – Make yourself familiar with the all the controls. And if you have problem with any of the controls, you may ask any of the staff members to demonstrate it. You can also request for a copy of handbook for your reference. Before driving off, check oil and fuel levels and carry out a check on static brake.

And these are the things you should take care of before you hire a van or a car from a Van Hire St Neots service provider. Nevertheless, you should also ensure that you have all required cover and a contact number, in case of emergency.

Welcome Chinatown Main Street Festival This Year With Van Hire In Boston

If you are a resident of Boston, you must surely be aware of the importance of the Main Street Festival held every year across multiple locations in Chinatown. Thousands of residents fill up the street to enjoy this cultural festival to the fullest. The festival is growing and getting larger every year, drawing more spectators by adding more exhibitors.

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If you are also willing to enjoy the spirit of this festival by visiting all the locations, opting for van hire would be a wise decision. Though hiring a van is nothing new in Boston, St Neots or St Ives, not everyone is aware of the benefits offered by it.

4 Benefits Of Van Hire In Boston You Were Not Aware Of

  • Affordable

Since the festival is held in various locations, you need a vehicle which can cater to all your transport needs during that time. If you don’t owe a car, opting for Van Hire in St Ives on a short-term basis will perfectly fit the bill. Companies offer the service on a daily basis without any extras or hidden costs. If you want to rent the van throughout the festival season, they offer few flexible deals as well.

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  • Choice

Since you will be visiting a street festival crowded with numerous visitors, you will definitely be willing to rent a car which can be a true reflection of your personality and class. With specialist hire companies offering a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from, hiring a van of your choice will become easier. Even if you rent the costliest vehicle through Van Hire in St Neots, you can return or exchange it without any penalty or commitment.

Van Hire For Long Drive

  • No Maintenance Costs

The responsibility of a car owner does not end with driving the car to the location. There are numerous maintenance expenses and hassles you need to undergo if you own a vehicle. But when you are renting a vehicle, it is not your responsibility to fix any issue that goes wrong with the van. The company has the complete responsibility to take the strain so you can enjoy the festival.


  • Breakdown Assistance

Since this festival is held on a yearly basis, make sure you can utilise your time enjoying it instead of dealing with the breakdown or recovery process. A majority of the companies offering Van Hire in Boston is well aware of the fact that their vehicles are very important to the customers. They try to keep you on the road even when adverse situations arise. They offer complimentary breakdown and recovery services so you can have complete peace of mind.


Ready To Hire?

Since you can avail so many benefits by opting for van hire, it’s time you hire one and enhance the enjoyment quotient of the Main Street Festival in Chinatown which will be held on July 8th this year.

Opting for Van Hire in Boston While Moving House? 4 Tips to Save Money

Moving house is always an expensive and long process as you need to consider various points. Not only do you have to find the ideal house in a good location but also move those belongings from your previous house. Unless all the arrangements are done on time, you might end up spending more money than you should.

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According to a survey recently conducted, moving costs have nowadays become a huge investment. The main reasons being, residents of Boston, St Neots, and St Ives are still not aware of the fact that they are few alternatives which can help them save few bucks during shifting.

Availing Van Hire In Boston? Few Tips To Cut Down Your Moving Costs

  • Hire According To Your Own Pace

Though you will try your level best to complete the move within the shortest span of time, you need to consider your personal schedule as well. If you stretch your move, you might have to pay the removal company more. But when you opt for Van Hire in Boston, you have the freedom to hire the vehicle at different stages according to your need. You are not under the pressure of moving within a specified period of time, nor do you have to face rising cost issues.

  • Avoid Peak Seasons

There are times when the services rendered by Van Hire companies are much in demand. They generally have a tendency of charging their customers more during these seasons. Since summer months and Christmas holidays are considered to be the peak seasons, it is better to avoid moving house during these seasons if you are willing to save few bucks. This will help you to stay away from the van hiring rush when prices are higher.

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  • Don’t Rely On Others For Transport

The contribution of your friends and family members can never be denied if you are moving house. Just let them know that you are shifting and they will reach your home to help you with those packing. But when it is about transporting your belongings, it might become a bit risky to rely on their van or car. Opting for Van Hire in St Neots is definitely a better option as the company won’t change their schedule without informing you.

  • Avoid Removal Companies

Paying your removal company can raise your moving costs drastically as there are few overheads. They even offer a coordinator with their team of movers just to make a profit through their service. Instead of paying the removal company, opt for Van Hire in St Ives and you can move all by yourself. Hiring a van is considered to be the cheapest transport option during moving house.

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Few Other Tips To Save Money

  • Buy packaging material from a local shop.
  • Source few crisp boxes from the staff of supermarket and you can even store your belongings in them.
  • Sell unwanted furniture or other belonging before moving and you will have to pay less for lighter loads.
  • Look for a company offering various size vans on hire so that you can choose one that suits your needs and budget the best.

Need Van Hire In St Neots For An Abroad Trip? Know What To Look For

Are you planning an abroad trip this summer? Looking for ways to get the best rental deal? Still unable to find a deal which can bring down the average car rental by a significant amount? Relax. All you need to do is check out the vital aspects which you need to consider while hiring a van.

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No matter whether you are going to visit a popular destination or an off-beat place, nothing can be a more viable option than hiring a vehicle. While you may consider online brokers to be the cheapest, reality is that hiring through a car rental website has its own set of advantages. Be it their quality of service, flexibility or the guaranteed customer satisfaction, with reputed car rentals you can be assured of availing exceptional customer service. However, it’s only when you choose the right van hire service can you have a pleasant trip.

Simply scroll down to know the vital considerations which you should keep in mind while renting a car.

Van Hire In St Neots: 5 Aspects To Consider While Renting It For Your Abroad Trip

  1. On- Or Off- Airport

This should be your first and foremost considerations while opting for a car rental company. Check if it involves a shuttle bus ride to an off-terminal site or if the vehicle will be delivered from an airport terminal site. While it’s true that off-terminal sites can be quite cheap, getting the bus from an unknown place can be quite a hassle.

  1. Drivers

While choosing van hire in St Neots, decide if you would like to have one or more drivers. While hiring one driver can bring down your cost to a great extent, a second driver can increase your costs. Thus, before hiring additional drivers, consider checking how it affects your final bill. Further, you should check the age of the driver and ensure that it matches according to rules of the country you are visiting.

  1. Children Seats

Consider carrying car seats with you during your abroad trip. Other than charging you extra for children seats, there are companies which even supply poor quality seats. However, by renting vehicles from reputed van hire in St Ives you can be assured of getting good quality seats for your comfort.

  1. Cancellation

Look for a deal where you can cancel for free even up to two or three days ahead of the day when you are supposed to pick your car. This can be an affordable way of getting a good deal without burning your pockets. You may even look for last-minute bargains.

  1. Petrol

Another vital consideration which you must keep in mind is checking the petrol policy of the car rental company. Check if the company expects you to refill the fuel tank while returning. Remember; returning a filled tank is much cheaper than paying the cost of the full tank.

Now that you are aware of these considerations, what are you still waiting for? Find a reputed company and get the ideal deal within your budget.

Opting For Van Hire In St Ives? 5 Cool Tips For First-Timers

Since the roads and highways of St Ives have so much to offer, hiring a van and taking a ride all by yourself can actually help in creating some memories for life. Keep all those common misconceptions that driving the vehicle is a tiresome task away and simply hit the roads. Even if you are a novice driver or hiring the vehicle for the first time, there’s nothing to worry about. The enjoyment quotient of your trip can be further enhanced if you follow few tips to make your self-drive stress-free.

Few Tips To Make Van Hire In St Ives A Sweet Experience For Novice Drivers

Van Hire St Ives

• Check The Insurance

Most of the companies offering van hire undertake the responsibility of checking the insurance policies of the vehicle are in place or not. Having a look at the small print will help you in estimating how much excess they are charging. Paying few bucks to enhance the insurance coverage is a worthy investment.

• Get Acquainted With The Vehicle

There are various functions of a vehicle like the indicators, wipers, hazards, or headlight with which you need to familiarise. Check the position of the bonnet size, which side the fuel cap is, and where is the horn. Check the gears, especially the sixth one if you are hiring a modern vehicle. If you are planning to drive an empty van, get accustomed to the brakes.

• Know Your Road Well

Just getting acquainted with the controls or functions of your vehicle isn’t sufficient. If you are a novice driver, make sure to gather adequate knowledge about the direction and the route you are willing to take a drive. Beware of unknown territories as it can enhance the stress factor since you have just learnt driving. Go through the road map and plot your journey before starting your tour.

• Stay Cool

If you are willing to make your Van Hire in St Ives a successful experience, try driving at a leisure pace. Even if you are running short of time, rushing won’t be of much help and might even lead to conflicts with other road users. Stay cautious while reversing in a parking space. Try to stay away from over-exaggerated driving actions and pay more attention to early indication signals, serial minor checks, and steady pace.

• Check Your Driving Position

Not only should you check the power and size of the vehicle you are hiring but also determine the position at which you can comfortably drive. This is especially vital if you are undertaking a long journey. Staring at the cyclists or leaning out of the van window is a strict no-no! All these can alter your attention and enhance the risk quotient. Instead, try to sit in a comfy position and adjust the correct mirror view before you start your trip.

This being said, it’s time you start looking for a reliable rental company in St Ives offering van hire at competitive prices!

Opting For Van Hire In St Neots? Have A Look At Its 5 Unique Uses

If the family car isn’t spacious enough to accommodate your extended family to the picnic spot, then hiring a van is indeed a cost-effective option. Not only is it economical but a convenient solution as well. It is not quite expensive so you can hire the vehicle during times of emergency or whenever you run into any difficulties and require a backup plan. There are times when residents of St Neots feel confused whether they should hire the vehicle or not. With a van having multiple uses, hiring it is always a right choice for all.


Few Uses Of Van Hire In St Neots

  • Collect And Remove Bulky Items

    Whether you have purchased a bulky item and want to get it delivered at your house, or want to shift some heavy household item to a self-storage unit, simply hire the vehicle and DIY. You can get rid of all the hassles involved and avoid paying those high delivery charges. If you are moving house and have few household items, hire the vehicle with a man, instead of approaching a removal company to do the needful.

  • Small Business

    If you are the owner of a small business, you are definitely aware of the fine line you need to maintain and which determines your profit or loss. Since transport requirements often arise, hiring the vehicle is definitely a more cost effective option and should always be your priority. You only need to pay for the time during which you are using the vehicle. It helps you to get rid of depreciation costs, especially if you have tight margins.

  • Musicians And Bands

    A majority of the musicians and bands opt for van hire as they treat it to be a sensible choice. Nowadays, you have to invest a lot if you are willing to maintain a vehicle. Hiring a vehicle before each performance to transport those heavy musical instruments and as well as your band members will prevent you from worrying about your transport breaking down midway. Hired vehicle comes with roadside assistance in case of any emergency.

  • Holidays

    If you are planning a long tour with your friends and family, you definitely have a huge luggage which you might find hard to accommodate in your private car while travelling to the airport. In fact, you even have to worry about who will be driving back the car from the airport or railway station. But opting for Van Hire in St Neots will make it easier for you to transport all those bulky goods as the vehicle is available in various sizes.

  • Trade Exhibition

    Are you planning to attend a trade exhibition in support of your company but worried about how to transport that extra business baggage? Hiring a vehicle will cater to that need of yours as it has sufficient rooms to transfer the coveted goods of your business to the exhibition. But only the goods, you can even transport your employees or colleagues to the exhibition in it.

Since hiring a van in St Neots comes with numerous advantages, it’s time you start looking for a company offering the same and make the most of it.