How to Ensure Hiring the Right Van for Your Requirement

Whether you are transporting big furniture or moving the entire house, van hire is the right solution to your requirements. But before you reach the nearest local van rental provider and drive off in the first van you see, here are some factors that you must consider for Van Hire Chatteris and here you go!

Van Hire Chatteris

Get Ready

  • Before you hire a van, make sure you are fully prepared about how many items to be moved along with their approximate and respective weight and size. It would help you not to get struck in any unlikely situations where you have hired a van too big or too small for your requirements. If you have, so many heavy items, you can think about hiring a van with tailgate lift or a Luton van, for smaller items, choose any transit vans.
  • Though it is commonplace to collect quotes from different companies, in fact it is the best way to compare prices offered by different companies and choose one that suits your needs and budget perfectly. Don’t skip to check the things covered by insurance and get a rate that ensures unlimited mileage.

Be Savvy with the Documents

You must be aware of the documents needed when you turn up at the office of the rental company. The documents you will need during Van Hire Thetford may include your driver’s licence. Apart from this, other documents like a utility bill are to be used as address proof. You may also be asked to provide your credit card for covering extra deposits as well, so we thoroughly recommend that you make yourself aware of all these things.

Unless you hire a vehicle over 3500kgs, a regular UK driver’s licence is well enough to hire transit vans, Luton vans or long wheel base vans. But above the mentioned weight category, you will need a special heavy goods vehicle licence.

Things to be Considered

    • As with any type of vehicle hire, you must check all the operational and visual states of the van as well as its mileage. Now compare them well with any available documents ensuring they match up prior to taking the van to the road. Or else, you can get stuck by damage charges or additional cleaning charges while returning the van.
    • You must be aware of all the dimensions of the van before it is taken to the road, driving a van is not like driving a car. Greater width and height make a van more difficult to maneuver, which means things like low bridges can be especially hazardous for the van. You may ask the van hire company for a quick practice in their car park taking special care of reduced turning circle as well as higher a centre of gravity, this is even more applicable to larger vehicles like Luton vans.
    • Check if all the doors of the van are properly closed before you drive away. Vans usually have side or sliding rear doors that you may find hard to operate and that might fall open during transit, which is why the contents of the vehicle is important to put into consideration. So make sure you fasten all the items in the van firmly so that they don’t move about while the van is moving.

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Van Hire Spalding

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