Welcome Chinatown Main Street Festival This Year With Van Hire In Boston

If you are a resident of Boston, you must surely be aware of the importance of the Main Street Festival held every year across multiple locations in Chinatown. Thousands of residents fill up the street to enjoy this cultural festival to the fullest. The festival is growing and getting larger every year, drawing more spectators by adding more exhibitors.

Van Hire Huntingdon

If you are also willing to enjoy the spirit of this festival by visiting all the locations, opting for van hire would be a wise decision. Though hiring a van is nothing new in Boston, St Neots or St Ives, not everyone is aware of the benefits offered by it.

4 Benefits Of Van Hire In Boston You Were Not Aware Of

  • Affordable

Since the festival is held in various locations, you need a vehicle which can cater to all your transport needs during that time. If you don’t owe a car, opting for Van Hire in St Ives on a short-term basis will perfectly fit the bill. Companies offer the service on a daily basis without any extras or hidden costs. If you want to rent the van throughout the festival season, they offer few flexible deals as well.

Car & Van Hire

  • Choice

Since you will be visiting a street festival crowded with numerous visitors, you will definitely be willing to rent a car which can be a true reflection of your personality and class. With specialist hire companies offering a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from, hiring a van of your choice will become easier. Even if you rent the costliest vehicle through Van Hire in St Neots, you can return or exchange it without any penalty or commitment.

Van Hire For Long Drive

  • No Maintenance Costs

The responsibility of a car owner does not end with driving the car to the location. There are numerous maintenance expenses and hassles you need to undergo if you own a vehicle. But when you are renting a vehicle, it is not your responsibility to fix any issue that goes wrong with the van. The company has the complete responsibility to take the strain so you can enjoy the festival.


  • Breakdown Assistance

Since this festival is held on a yearly basis, make sure you can utilise your time enjoying it instead of dealing with the breakdown or recovery process. A majority of the companies offering Van Hire in Boston is well aware of the fact that their vehicles are very important to the customers. They try to keep you on the road even when adverse situations arise. They offer complimentary breakdown and recovery services so you can have complete peace of mind.


Ready To Hire?

Since you can avail so many benefits by opting for van hire, it’s time you hire one and enhance the enjoyment quotient of the Main Street Festival in Chinatown which will be held on July 8th this year.


Opting For Van Hire In St Ives? 5 Cool Tips For First-Timers

Since the roads and highways of St Ives have so much to offer, hiring a van and taking a ride all by yourself can actually help in creating some memories for life. Keep all those common misconceptions that driving the vehicle is a tiresome task away and simply hit the roads. Even if you are a novice driver or hiring the vehicle for the first time, there’s nothing to worry about. The enjoyment quotient of your trip can be further enhanced if you follow few tips to make your self-drive stress-free.

Few Tips To Make Van Hire In St Ives A Sweet Experience For Novice Drivers

Van Hire St Ives

• Check The Insurance

Most of the companies offering van hire undertake the responsibility of checking the insurance policies of the vehicle are in place or not. Having a look at the small print will help you in estimating how much excess they are charging. Paying few bucks to enhance the insurance coverage is a worthy investment.

• Get Acquainted With The Vehicle

There are various functions of a vehicle like the indicators, wipers, hazards, or headlight with which you need to familiarise. Check the position of the bonnet size, which side the fuel cap is, and where is the horn. Check the gears, especially the sixth one if you are hiring a modern vehicle. If you are planning to drive an empty van, get accustomed to the brakes.

• Know Your Road Well

Just getting acquainted with the controls or functions of your vehicle isn’t sufficient. If you are a novice driver, make sure to gather adequate knowledge about the direction and the route you are willing to take a drive. Beware of unknown territories as it can enhance the stress factor since you have just learnt driving. Go through the road map and plot your journey before starting your tour.

• Stay Cool

If you are willing to make your Van Hire in St Ives a successful experience, try driving at a leisure pace. Even if you are running short of time, rushing won’t be of much help and might even lead to conflicts with other road users. Stay cautious while reversing in a parking space. Try to stay away from over-exaggerated driving actions and pay more attention to early indication signals, serial minor checks, and steady pace.

• Check Your Driving Position

Not only should you check the power and size of the vehicle you are hiring but also determine the position at which you can comfortably drive. This is especially vital if you are undertaking a long journey. Staring at the cyclists or leaning out of the van window is a strict no-no! All these can alter your attention and enhance the risk quotient. Instead, try to sit in a comfy position and adjust the correct mirror view before you start your trip.

This being said, it’s time you start looking for a reliable rental company in St Ives offering van hire at competitive prices!

Want To Hire A Van? What Identification Do You Need To Hire Van In St Ives?

What if you call an agency of van hiring for an emergency purpose and fail to hire because of proper identification cards. It needs some mandatory identification cards to hire a vehicle in St. Ives.

Here are the list and every detail and other important documents that t you have to submit before hiring.


What ID’s Or Certificates Area Need To Take When Going To Hiring a vehicle in St Ives.

  1. Full Driving Licence:

    In the UK government issued driving cars are divided into two parts.


    This part is concluding by the customer’s phone. Signature, birthday and financial status, date of the expiry and renewal date.


    The rest of the part of identification is based on the documental part of the certificate that is the counterpart.

    Make sure you are carrying the entire original card with you when you are going to hire a van. All the hire companies have a particular computerised database by which they can be linked with the government approved server and they can check your driving licence by connecting the server.

    If the rental covers customer’s fully comprehensive insurance, the counterpart is not mandatory.

  2. Proof Of Current Address:

    This is as important as the driving licence. Most people refuse to carry this one as the driving license contains address but most of the cases, people forget t change their current address in their driving license after shifting or changing the address. Most reputed companies of Van Hire in St Ives check both of the Ids.

As an address proof you need to carry anyone following documents:

  • Current Bank Statement or Credit Card Statement
  • Telephone Bills
  • Payslips
  • Tenancy Agreement (if you are not a homeowner)

Do The Rules Remain The Same For The Foreigners?

If you are coming from abroad, you must not have any of the above-motioned documents. Most of the cases, people come to abroad with their friends and family for a vacation. In that case, they need to carry their passports and the driving licence approved by their particular country. They have to submit the address and contact numbers of the hotels or the residents (if they come to meet their friends or relatives). The van hired company will confirm their existence by calling. Some of the companies make a visit to confirm.

Some Faqs Regarding Van Hire In St Ives.

Q. Does The Deposit Money Vary?

A. All driving license owner (age 18-75) including the foreigners will pay the same except the age group from 21-24 years will pay a little more as the risk factor is to the extreme between these years.

Q. Can I Book A Van Online From Your Website?

A. Most online booking services need minimum 24 Hours. Some of the companies show that their booking would be confirmed within 24years to 24.

Q. What Are The Pick In And Return Time?

A. Almost all vehicle rental companies are open 24 hours (example: 9.00 am to 9.00 pm) except Saturday or Sunday or both. It’s vital to return the van in time as contracted else companies’ charges extra as late fine.