A few Essential Things to Know about Single Day Van Hire

Whether you want to transport big items from one location to another or you are moving your home, hiring Van Hire Thetford for the entire day seems to be the best decision you can make. But you must plan in advance if you are looking for a right size vehicle for your particular job, apart from rental fees and fuel costs, the cost of hiring a vehicle for the entire day can be exorbitant if you leave it to the last moment. If luck doesn’t permit, you may end up with a van which is too small in size to get the job done in a single trip. There are many more factors apart from the time of booking the van to consider when hiring a self drive van for the entire day. Let’s have a look at the things to consider before hiring a van.

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Rates are Different for a Single Day Van Hire

When you drive a van for the entire day, the company will allow you to complete your job as per your convenience. They may charge you by hour, by mileage or by day, a good vehicle hire company offering a single – day service usually offers the service depending on how much time your job may require. Choose a pricing method based on your specific needs.

  • Fixed Price Rate – It allows more flexibility as per your convenience. This is perfect if your job involves several drop – offs either on the same route or on different ones.
  • Pricing by Mileage – This is an ideal option if you are going to make short journeys with bulky articles.
  • Hourly Pricing –This one is perfect if you know exactly what you need to transport. It is also ideal if you are going a make a round journey or a single trip.

Size of The Van Matters a Lot

The cost of single – day van hire Kings Lynn depends on the size of the van as well, for a single large item, you will surely need a large van. If this is the case it will be good to hire the van by the hour.

One Way Van Hire is Good for Delivery

Most of the single day van hire services just provide the vehicle and nothing else, this is good if you want to control the moving job on your own. Collect the van from the chosen provider, make the necessary delivery and finally return the van to a suitable location closer to the drop-off venue. However returning the van to another location and seeking transport getting back home is pain as it is time consuming although you can save money for not hiring a driver. The cost of this type of van hire largely depends on how far you are going to travel from the pick-up point as longer journeys always cost more. The expenses of such trips usually cover insurance and fuel cost, but you will also need to return the self-drive van to the destination within time once the job is done.

Costs of Permit and Petrol are to be Considered

Renting a self drive van for the entire day definitely allows you great autonomy. But this may cost you additionally as well if your chosen van company doesn’t offer the facility of unlimited mileage, you may need to pay additionally towards fuel, it must be checked before you hire a company. Also check whether or not their rental cost includes congestion charges.


Time to Debunk the Common Myths about Van Hire in Kings Lynn

Whether you are willing to hire a van in Kings Lynn on a short-term or long – term basis, it is one of the most cost – effective and convenient alternatives to buying a vehicle. Though you can also hire a car, one of the main reasons why the demand for van hire has enhanced drastically in the last few years is because they are comfortable, equipped and cheaper to run.

Since van hire services have so much to offer, make sure you debunk all the common myths about the service and start looking for a reliable company offering a wide variety of vans for you to choose from.

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