How To Combat With The 4 Questions About Van Hire In Huntingdon?

Hiring vans in every short and long trip are common in the UK. Do you have an office party or meeting or planning a family picnic? The short and simple solution is hiring an appropriate van for the appropriate occasion.

Despite the hiring procedure, a huge chunk of the population who are willing to take a rental van retreat thinking about the licence and insurance. Let’s discuss the questions that are on everyone’s lips while hiring a van in Huntingdon.

What Worries People Do While Hiring A Van In Huntingdon?


Some questions are there that are haunting like a ghost while people fall in a dilemma about hiring a van. Most of them don’t want to hire the chauffeur as it charges more. On the other hand, they feel confused about their ability to drive vans. And they ask the question themselves.

1. Will I Be Insured?

Well, probably you know the answer, don’t you? And the answer is- yes, you need a valid license to drive a van. And you need to submit the copy of your licence while hiring the van from any certified hairier. No professional will lent you their vehicle unless you submit a valid license of you or the person who are willing to drive. Forget to renew the license but you need to hire the van badly? Unfortunately, you will not get the van unless you agree to hire the driver. Else, you can submit the license of the person who is ready to start the journey with you. Ensure the company that the license holder is going to drive.

2. Is My License Valid For The Vehicle?

Drivers looking for the hired van must be aged between 21 and 75. so, whenever the question bothers your about the license, make sure you are between the mentioned age group and have a clean The UK license for at least two years. You are able to hire any of the vans that professional companies of Van Hire in Huntingdon are providing.

3. What More Do I Need To Hire A Van?

To hire a van in Huntingdon the company you are looking to hire will require both part of your driving license, a photo ID proof (such as your security pass or the passport) and an address proof document. The bank statement or recent utility bill is acceptable for hiring the vehicle. And if you are the repeat customer, no need to submit the additional document. But make sure, you are hiring the vehicle within three months of the first hiring.

4. What Happen If I Have An Accident In My Hired Car?

An accident may happen during the trip and a part of your provided insurance will cover the rental agreement. The insurance also covers the theft damages according to the van hiring laws. Some companies ask you to pay some extra refundable charges for theft or accidental damages.

Final World For Van Hiring:

Taking care the mentioned answered of the most worried questions may help you hire a van happily for a long tour. So, call them right now and enjoy your journey.


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